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13 Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

valentine.flickr.daveparkerIt’s that time again. St. Valentine is going to be spreading his love to everyone in just a few short days. Valentine’s Day, February 14, is right around the corner! Commercial holiday or not – are you ready to give an awesome gift to your sweetie?

Valentine’s Day gifts don’t have to cost a fortune. Some of the best gifts are under 20 bucks. I’m sure your sweetheart will be overjoyed at the gesture, no matter how little it cost you. I’ve scoured the web for some awesome gifts of love to save your Valentine’s Day from disaster, so have a look at these ideas below.

You + Me = Awesome Print. This cute print will show your true feelings. Popped into a dollar store frame, it’s the perfect gift.

Matching Love iPhone Cases. Sort of like those Best Friends necklaces that you split with your BFF in kindergarten, but the updated version for a social-savvy couple.

Man Candles. Yes, candles in manly scents so guys can love candles, too.

Your Initial Bracelet. A dainty little bracelet with your initial on it for your babe. For $14.50, this is a steal for a classic and customized piece of jewelry.

50 Shades of Gray Box Set. Everybody else is doing it, so, why not?

Lego Heart Box. This is kind of a fun idea for a kid or a guy who loves or loved Legos. Different, fun and under $20 bucks!

Philosophy X’s and O’s Set. Pretty much all girls love nicely-scented stuff, especially in the form of lotion or lip balm. Especially from a high-quality company like Philosophy and not a generic off-the-shelf set.

Headphone Splitter This would be ideal for the couple that loves to travel or watch shows/movies on their phones or tablets on-the-go. I know I’ve watched many a TV show on an airplane with my husband, and we’ve had to split one set of ear buds. Problem solved.

Fondue Set. Skip the hundred-dollar fondue dinner and make dessert at home. Add chocolate, turn on heat, dip strawberries. You’re good to go!

Dove Clean Care Shower Tool. Confession: This is the best shower pouf ever! I know because I have one. So much better than those crappy 99 cent poufs at Target. It says it’s for men, but c’mon, it’s baby blue and ivory … I think both sexes would love this gift!

Engraved Wallet/Money Clip. A little pricier, but a good investment piece for a guy that uses the same wallet for 10 years.

Magazine Subscription. An often over-looked gift, a one-year magazine subscription is usually inexpensive yet provides someone a whole year of reading and entertainment.

A Groupon Date. Finally, who can go wrong with a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant for half the cost thanks to Groupon (or Living Social, etc.). Since the big V-day is on a Thursday, spend that evening at home and go out over the weekend instead (since Groupons usually aren’t valid on holidays).

Of course, Valentine’s Day is all about love, but an inexpensive gift can always make it more fun and exciting. You don’t have to go overboard to make your significant other feel special … just a simple token of your affection will do the trick.

Are you planning on buying gifts for your sweetie on Valentine’s Day? Any other ideas for fun and inexpensive gifts?

Published or updated on February 5, 2013

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  1. Amanda says:

    Another cute idea that most of us probably used to do when we were little would be a coupon book. Its totally free, shows that you really put some thought into it, and could be really fun. Things from “I will take out the trash for you,” “I’ll take care of the kids today so you can go play golf,” “I will cook your favorite meal for dinner” to things that are a bit naughtier (that wouldn’t be appropriate to post here).

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