Eating For (Much) Less

As I mentioned in my living on $10 a day post, how much you spend on food can vary dramatically. Here are some of the ways I save on food without turning to ramen, beans and water, etc. Use Your Freezer – Just because you can’t finish an entire loaf … [Read more...]

How to Live on $10 a Day

Think you could live with just ten dollars of disposable income per day? It sounds scary if you're used to enjoying life, but it is not only possible, the ten dollar a day rule is practical, too. You have heard the argument before, but it's the … [Read more...]

Debt Free Step Three: Your Debt Management Plan

Nobody can get out of debt without the right debt management plan. Pick a plan that is too aggressive and you may not be able to keep up; go with a “too affordable” plan and you won’t get out of debt as fast as you should. One the flip side, if you ar … [Read more...]

Debt Free Step Two: How Much Debt Do You Have?

The second step in my Debt Free in Seven Steps system involves composing a clear picture of the debts you want to get rid of, any assets you are willing to liquidate to make debt payments, and your monthly cash flow. You will want to have copies of … [Read more...]

Debt Free Step One: Create Financial Goals

Faced with debt it is tempting to spend sleepless nights aimlessly crunching numbers, as if the right few calculator taps will make that red ink disappear. Sadly we both know that won’t happen---wading through your bills unnecessarily will only e … [Read more...]

Debt Free in Seven Steps

Got debt? You’re not alone. The average American’s credit card balance is over $8,000. In 2001 we paid $50 billion in finance charges, and 1.3 million people declared bankruptcy. Fortunately, you can become debt free. If you're ready to eliminate you … [Read more...]

Some Motivation to Get in Financial Shape

Thanks to AllFinancialMatters for pointing out this story from MSN Money featuring some average personal finance statistics of people in their 20s. For example, our median net worth is $7,901, but for nearly 25% of us, that figure is negative. We owe … [Read more...]

Good News for Bookworms on a Budget

New sites are surfacing allowing budget-conscious bibliophiles to swap books, movies, and more through the mail rather than buying them. This is an awesome money-saver for avid readers that don't have time to drop by the library. My old friends at … [Read more...]

Building Wealth by Owning Less

All my life I have lived among the American upper-middle class, but I never had the money to actually count myself in this group. But of course I tried. It was a classic case of keeping up with the Jones’, and unfortunately, the more I tried to keep u … [Read more...]

IRS Revokes Nonprofit Status of 41 Credit Counseling Agencies

The IRS may be good for something. BusinessWeek reported yesterday that the IRS has revoked the tax-exempt status of 41 "nonprofit" credit counseling agencies. … [Read more...]