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Can Prosper Do Better Than My Credit Cards?

Earlier today I requested a Prosper loan to see if it could save me some interest on my remaining high interest credit card debt. If you’re a lender, please review my Prosper listing!

Yodlee, BillQ, and the Future of Online Personal Finance Tools

Online personal finance tools can show all your bank, investment, and loan accounts on one webpage and – soon – may provide Quicken-like budgeting power you can access anywhere. So where are they?

Clothes Shopping Just Once A Year

How often do you go clothes shopping? Every month? For big sales? When the impulse strikes? News flash: you go too often.

Credit Card Balance Transfers: The Art of Moving Debt

Faced with a hefty credit card balance, those low APR credit card balance transfer offers jamming your mailbox are as tempting as ice cream on a sultry summer day. But are balance transfers a good idea for the deeply indebted?