Year-End Tax Tips

Do you have a fat tax refund coming to you next year or will you owe Uncle Sam? If you don’t know, find out soon. If you will owe the IRS in April, there ways to reduce your tax burden now. While many year-end tax tips benefit homeowners and t … [Read more...]

Creative Yankee Swap Gift Ideas

Looking for some creative Yankee swap gift ideas or secret Santa gift ideas that will help you stick to your holiday budget this Christmas? Here are four great Yankee swap/secret Santa gift ideas that are easy on your budget and are sure to please … [Read more...]

How to Stick to Your Holiday Shopping Budget

Dreaming of a Merry Christmas and a debt-free New Year? Jotting down a holiday shopping budget before you hit the stores is a must. If you haven't been saving diligently all year for holiday shopping, you can still keep your credit cards on a short … [Read more...]

Living on $10 an Hour, America's Income Gap, New Yorker Spending, and More

What does it like to live on $10 an hour? Is America's income gap good or bad? How much is a dollar worth in Manhattan? This month, New York Magazine has written a provocative series on money in New York. A Hard Earned Life, my favorite article, … [Read more...]