Six Simple Laws of Personal Finance Under 30

With all the great personal finance blogs available, you might think the last thing the Web needs is another list of money rules written by some nerd trying to change his spending habits. Maybe you’re right, but here are my Six Simple Laws of P … [Read more...]

College Money Mistakes

What role does personal finance play for college students? In part three of the Money Mistakes We Make Growing Up series we look at the personal finance mistakes college students make, and how to avoid them. It’s no secret many college students l … [Read more...]

High School Money Mistakes

In Tuesday’s post, Childhood Money Mistakes, we looked at financial mistakes kids and their parents make starting even at very early ages. Now think back to high school. How much did you think about money? Friends, football, first loves, and lots of f … [Read more...]

Childhood Money Mistakes

Remember allowances and piggy banks? Those were the days when a crisp one dollar bill was for candy, not something to be divided between tax collectors and landlords and banks and utility companies. Sure, times have changed, but have your spending … [Read more...]

Money Mistakes We Make Growing Up

This week I’m presenting a series called Money Mistakes (And What You Can Learn from Them). The series includes four articles, each focusing on personal finance during a specific age group: childhood, high school, college, and graduate. There a … [Read more...]

The Young Tightwad’s Guide To Holiday Tipping

‘Tis the season to be tipping, and that includes waiters, barbers, stylists, cab drivers, bartenders, baristas, doormen, valets and, sigh, the list goes on and on. “But wait! I’m stringy”, you say. “Scrooge hardly tipped, why-oh-why, should I?” Re … [Read more...]