When Your Car is a Gold Digger: Budgeting for Auto Maintenance

Your car. You love it when it takes you to work or through winding mountains on a weekend escape. When it comes time for oil changes and tune-ups, however, your car stereo plays a different tune.

FICO Expansion Credit Score Helps Build Credit Faster

Good news for students, young adults, and others without a credit score. Credit scoring agency Fair Isaac has announced a new type of credit score that will help people with insufficient credit history get approved for loans and credit scores.

What the Housing Market Means For Under 30 Homeowners and First Time Buyers

Sinking home prices across most of the country are spelling opportunity for some prepared first-time home buyers out there, but for many other other young homeowners, the current housing slump means trouble.

When is it Time to Move from Saving to Investing?

Retirement plans aside, not everybody is fortunate enough to begin investing in their twenties. Paying back credit card debt, establishing an emergency fund, and saving for home ownership all take priority. But when is it time to start?

Buy Nothing Year: Could You Do It?

Could you buy nothing for an entire year? Each year AdBusters promotes Buy Nothing Day on the day after Thanksgiving to raise awareness about wasteful consumer habits. But what about a Buy Nothing Year? That’s exactly what this group has pledged to do in 2007.

Student Loan Consolidation Made Easy

Student loan consolidation is one opportunity I failed to take advantage of when I should have. Though student loan debt is typically considered “good debt” (because it shows an investment in your future) and interest rates are lower than other loan categories, rates can still go up over time, and student loans can be a […]

Top Ten Ways to Screw the IRS in 2007

It’s that time of year again when third-grade arithmetic can lead to panic attacks and thoughts of sacrificing ourselves to a pack of ravenous ostriches. That’s right, it’s tax time, and to help you keep your sanity, has devised the best ways to stick it to the Internal Revenue Service this year. Don’t just […]

11 Tips To Get Your Prosper Loan Funded

Recently I wrote about my positive experience getting a personal loan from Prosper, a peer-to-peer lending service.

How Prosper Saved My Ass

Last October I wrote that I had applied for an $11,500 debt consolidation loan from the unique person-to-person lending network Prosper.