One Year of Personal Finance Blogging Mistakes

This month, I celebrate one year as a personal finance blogger. Last night, I was thinking: I’ve made a lot of mistakes in a year, but still things are coming along. Here’s a list of my blogging mistakes, and what you can learn from them (even if you … [Read more...]

Mvelopes Review: Personal Budgeting Software

If you have decided to start a personal budget or want to follow your budget more faithfully, perhaps you’re considering software to help get the job done. Mvelopes Personal, by software developer In2M, is one of three major choices for personal f … [Read more...]

Budgeting Rule No 1: You Have to Want It

How many times have you written out a monthly budget that would make your bank proud, only to completely forget about it one week later as you charge the day’s third coffee to your Visa card? … [Read more...]

What I’ve Learned About Money

Earning a living is hard work; not spending it all is even harder. The root of all evil is not money, but greed. … [Read more...]

Strategic Spending: The “Fruitful or Frivolous” Test

Overspenders and cheapskates have the same problem. They can’t make strategic spending decisions. Can you? … [Read more...]