You Want Me to Front You How Much?

When I joined my present employer four years ago I encountered a new financial quandary: How do you plan for out-of-pocket work expenses until they are reimbursed? Early in my career I was an eager young marketing rep and quickly volunteered for … [Read more...]

A Buyer's Market…Or Not

One thing is for sure: It is a difficult time to sell a house. Shouldn't that mean it is a good time to buy a home? It should, but it doesn't. … [Read more...]

I Would Do Anything for Cash, But I Won’t Do That

There is no poison in ambition alone. I have found in the last year, however, that I have at times been blinded by my desire to earn enough money to repay my debts, further my education, and build the life of my dreams. … [Read more...]

How to Budget for and Track Cash Spending

Spending with cash is smart – you always know how much you have. But sooner or later, we all peer into the abyss of an empty wallet and ask: “Where did that $100 go?” … [Read more...]

Avoiding the Freshman $1,500

You’ve heard of the freshman 15, but extra weight isn’t the only danger lurking in the shadows of college campuses. … [Read more...]