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Alternatives to Store-Bought Christmas Presents

Yesterday I saw a holiday catalog from Hammacher-Schlemmer, which would more appropriately be titled: “Overpriced crap you will never, ever, ever need.” So today I went looking for ways to partake in the spirit of giving without wasting dollars on more made-in-China kitsch.

And the Winner of the Obnoxiously Early Holiday Advertising Award Goes To…

I wasn’t going to write another whiny blog post lamenting our conspicuous consumption in the name of holiday cheer. I really thought I could avoid it this year. I was wrong. It’s not even Thanksgiving and already holiday-themed commercials have me convulsing like a beached eel.

Do You Fix Your Dings?

Less than two years after buying a new pickup truck, I had received not one, but two grapefruit-sized dents – one for each side – thanks to two different drivers’ reluctance to use a rear-view mirror.

What to Do When You’re Short on Rent

Cubicle life is full of awkward moments, especially when coworkers make personal calls at work. They go from embarrassing to bizarre, but here’s one call I didn’t expect to hear: “Mr. Landlord, I’m going to be late with the rent this month.”