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My Favorite 50 Personal Finance Websites of 2007

I love “best of” year-end countdowns, so I decided to write one of my own: My favorite 50 personal finance websites of 2007!

A Prosper Update: One Year as a Prosper Borrower

It has been just over one year since I applied for an took a debt consolidation loan from peer-to-peer lender Prosper. One year in, I’m just as happy with Prosper as when I started.

American Express Cards DO Have Spending Limits

American Express charge cards are famous for their no preset spending limits. Learn why "preset" is the key word.

If you carry a classic American Express Green, Gold, or Platinum card, or any other credit card that has no pre-set spending limit, you probably know this doesn’t mean your card has no limit at all. So how is your spending limit calculated, and what happens if you hit it? I found out last month.

The Cost of a Long Distance Commute

Have you every considered taking a long distance commute for a better job or to live where you want? If so, exactly how much would that long distance commute cost?