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Make Your Savings Account Untouchable

Have you ever diligently set aside money in a savings account for a few months only to take it out when an unexpected expense came up? I’ve done it more than I care to admit. I don’t have trouble making depositing money to savings, I have trouble keeping it there! Here are some ways to […]

How to Vacation without Going into Debt

How to Vacation without Going into Debt

Paying cash means that the only things you’ll have following you home are memories and a sunburn. Planning ahead will allow you to pay for that vacation before you take it. Vacations are a lot more fun when you know you aren’t ruining your finances to take them.

Think Networking Gets You Ahead? Not How You're Doing It

As you know, landing the job you want can be more about who you know than what you know. Networking is critical. But just as there are good ways and bad ways to meet a prospective girlfriend or boyfriend, there are good ways — and not so good ways — to fuse business relationships that […]

10 Costly Driving Habits

Once upon a time, the only certainties in life were “death and taxes.” Today, it’s safe to say we can add a third — rising gas prices. The price of fuel keeps going up, with nary an end in sight. Need some ways to save on gas? Here are ten driving habits that cost big […]

Why Cash Is Still King of the Monthly Budget

Last week I blogged up 10 tech tools to help you budget. This week, I’m going to suggest why you might want to through them all out the window.

10 Things You Should Know About Debt Management Programs

Debt management (also called credit counseling) is a booming industry these days as more and more consumers drown in credit card debt. With ads promising easy debt relief, these programs are tempting to anybody struggling to stay on top of debt. But are they legit? Will they help you or hurt you? Here are 10 […]

10 Tips for Finding a Shared Living Space

Last week I wrote about my return to sharing an apartment after living alone. Moving in with unknown roommates or renting out a spare bedroom can be daunting, but can save a fistful of cash. Here are 10 tips to increase your chances of finding a shared apartment or home with a roommate you can […]

10 Tips for Riding Out a Job You Hate

Are you miserable at work? There is no sin in looking for greener pastures, but you should never quit without a new position lined up. To protect your most important asset – your professional skills and experience – bide your time at a dead-end job, or with an unbearable boss, with these ten tips.

Should You Ever Buy a Brand New Car?

True penny pinchers always buy used cars over new ones for one rock solid reason: new cars depreciate by thousands of dollars the second you drive off the lot. But three years ago, before my financial epiphany, I bought a new car, and I don’t regret it. I concede that buying used is usually best, […]

Is it Okay to Get Married With Debt?

I turned 27 this year, and my mailman started delivering more wedding invitations than bills. It sounds lovely, except that those damned lacy invites end up costing more than the bills! My opinions of showers and gift registries aside, all this nuptial nonsense got me thinking: Is it safe to get married when one partner, […]