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5 Ways to Save Money on Rental Cars

While frugal air travel tips abound, info on saving money on car rentals is scarce. That’s too bad, as car rental can be the most confusing part of traveling. Online quotes do not include multiple taxes, fees, and surcharges, and the rental agency will try to sell you upgrades, add-ons and all kinds of insurance […]

Travel Europe (and Beyond), Cheap

Travel Europe (and Beyond), Cheap

Traveling is a very rewarding experience and it doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive. Here are some tips for traveling around Europe from someone who has been living in Italy for over a year. Everything from finding the best airfare to planning your activities.

An Expensive Mistake: How I Overslept and Missed My Flight

It’s been quiet around the blog this week because I’ve been traveling. I’m becoming a pretty seasoned business traveler. I rarely check my bags, I know how to get free first class upgrades, and I have no sympathy for you if you don’t have your belt, shoes, laptop, and plastic baggie of liquids in your […]

15 Free Things to do When You’re Trying to Save Money

The following is a guest post by Heather Johnson, a freelance writer and contributor to Credit Card Lowdown. Heather invites your comments and freelancing job opportunities at her email address: heatherjohnson2323@gmail.com. Want to write for Money Under 30? Let me know! Being money-wise at a young age doesn’t mean you have to sit around and […]

Are You Ready to Buy a Home? An Easy Way to Check

The real estate market is dismal these days, which means bargains-a-plenty for first-time home buyers. Problem is: the real estate market is suffering because so many homeowners took out loans they can’t repay. In turn, mortgage lenders have tightened their purse strings, making qualifying for a home loan a challenge. That’s not to say getting […]

Five Credit Score Killers and Boosters

Most people know that paying your credit cards late can wreck havoc on your credit score, but there are many other less-known ways to harm (and help) your credit. Here are five things that can damage your credit, and five things that can raise your score.

10 Ways to Demonstrate Value to Your Employer

With the economy tightening, even good workers may find themselves on the corporate chopping block. While there’s no way to guarantee your job security during lean years, it might be high time to make sure your boss knows just how valuable you are to the company. Here are few techniques to get you started.

Need Help With Your Budget? Try a Weekly Budget

Budgeting is so important, but so hard to develop as a habit. You can faithfully crunch numbers once a month, only to find out you’re consistently spending more than you planned. I know, because it happens to me. That’s why I find breaking your monthly budget into a weekly budget can be really helpful.