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How to Get Out of a Car Lease Without Ruining Your Credit

Leasing your car can be an expensive way to get around. And if you suddenly find yourself unable to afford your existing auto lease, you can’t just put your car up for sale or run to the dealer to trade it in. But what most don’t know is: Yes, you can get out of a […]

How I Organize My Financial Records (And Why You Should)

You may never need to go back and see how much you spent on gas in March, 2006. But what if you did? Organizing your bank statements, receipts, and tax returns can save you headaches down the road. Here are a few reasons you should organize your financial documents, and the ways I get it […]

Five Recession Proof Careers for Graduates

This month, hundreds of thousands of job seekers with newly minted diplomas will be hitting the market. Previously, I covered jobs for recent grads with good prospects and high pay. Even though I agree that an economic slump will not affect the under-30 set’s job prospects, here is a look at five career fields that […]

Do You Need Health Insurance in Your Twenties?

According to US Census Data, Americans in their twenties are the least likely of any age group to have health insurance. Even if you are young, healthy, and poor, is going without health insurance an acceptable risk or just plain stupid?

What Are the Best Jobs for College Graduates Today?

To all graduates and all other twentysomethings who don’t know what you want to be when you grow up (myself included): follow your dreams, but find a career that pays well and has long term growth prospects. The more money you make, and the more secure a job you hold, the more time and freedom […]