Down Payment Saving: Five Steps to Save For Your First Home

A down payment between 10 and 20% on your first home or condo is more important today than ever before. Following the sub-prime mortgage meltdown, lenders are more cautious with mortgage applications and borrowers have (hopefully) learned some … [Read more...]

Online Car Loans Compared: Get Approved Before You Shop

Buying a car with cash is stressful enough; finding the right auto loan is even harder. In my car shopping tips from an ex-car salesman, I recommend getting a pre-approved car loan online before heading to the dealership (even with bad credit). … [Read more...]

Reader Question: Should You Ever Defer 401(k) Contributions?

Stephanie asks: I recently started a new job that will not match 401(k) contributions until I complete one year of service. Should I still contribute prior to being eligible for matching? … [Read more...]

Want to Know Why Gas Prices Are so High?

On Monday, Charles Biderman of Trim Tabs Investment Services says that if things don’t change, escalating oil prices will topple the U.S. economy. … [Read more...]

Four Career Lessons I Learned Working at Starbucks

I've never much so much fun (at work) as I did slinging lattes and bagging beans at Starbucks. Maybe not everyone that's worked in coffee feels that way, but for me, working part-time at the 'Bucks to help pay off debt was actually fun. I liked … [Read more...]

Sorry It's Slow, I Have a New Job

A quick apology to Money Under 30 readers for the slow posting pace around here lately. It's because I took a new job last week and have been adjusting to my new environs and schedule. I expect things to ramp up to normal again this week. Thanks for … [Read more...]

Financial Tips for Your First Job Out of School

The New York Times recently published an excellent financial primer for recent graduates accepting their first full-time job. The gist of the article is simple: even if you're only 22, don't neglect health insurance, taxes, and your retirement. … [Read more...]

Should You Take Financial Help from Your Parents?

Yesterday being father's day, I was thinking about the often controversial topic of twenty-somethings receiving financial assistance from their parents. If your parents offer financial help, should you take it? And how? … [Read more...]

What Do You Want to Read About? (Regarding Money)

I want your help! While I have no shortage of ideas for blog posts here at Money Under 30, I too often focus on topics that I'm interested in, but maybe you are not. Please give me some feedback -- in a comment or via my contact form -- to help me … [Read more...]

Financial Gifts: The Etiquette of Giving and Receiving Money

As a kid, did you ever have a relative that sent a check – or cash – for your birthday? While cash can’t always replace a thoughtful gift (avoid giving $100 bills as an anniversary gift, for example), there are times cash money is the most appre … [Read more...]