Student Loans Drying Up: What You Must Know About Borrowing This Fall

Many students nationwide may find themselves scrambling to find student loans to pay for tuition this September. According to an ABC News report, more than 100 lenders nationwide have announced they will cease offering student loans due to the … [Read more...]

Five Frugal Travel Secrets

It’s great to get out and see the world while you’re young. Unfortunately, you will also never be so poor. Problem solved. Here are five frugal travel secrets to save you some yen, dinar, Euros—or whatever it is you’ll be spending. … [Read more...]

Do You Have a Financial Role Model?

This is pretty neat: I received an invite for a contest for a VIP pass the World Business Forum. The September event in New York includes talks by Tony Blair, Colin Powell, Madeline Albright, Jack Welch, and Muhammad Yunus, and the contest is … [Read more...]

Are Europeans Better- or Worse-off Financially than Americans?

Imagine paying a high tax for owning a gas-guzzling SUV, enjoying six weeks of paid vacation each year, or giving half of your paycheck to the government. In this guest post, Emily Starbuck Gerson, of the blog Taking Charge, describes … [Read more...]

Start with $5; Get $12,000

This story about how a writer who saves every $5 bill she comes across, and in three years has amassed $12,000, is the most e-mailed story today on … [Read more...]

Couponing: Do You Clip and Save Coupons?

My parents have always been coupon fiends. I remember Saturday mornings from my childhood, sitting at the kitchen table with my father helping him clip grocery coupons from last Sunday’s newspaper (and sort through envelopes of saved coupons) before h … [Read more...]

Donating Clothing? Beware For-Profit Drop Boxes

Donating your unused clothing makes a lot of sense; you can help out a charity like Goodwill or the Salvation Army while cleaning out your closet. You’ll even score a small tax deduction. But choose whom you give you clothes to carefully; for-profit c … [Read more...]

Transferring Money: Online Savings Accounts Provide Unique Options

When it comes to high yield savings accounts, interest isn’t everything. On a $10,000 balance, the monthly difference in earnings between a 3.25% APY and 3.30% is $0.50. A more important question is: With this online savings account, how can I move m … [Read more...]

So, You Wanna Buy a Condo? Five Questions to Ask Before Buying

Sick of renting, but not ready to spend your Saturdays on a lawn mower? Often featuring desirable locations, minimal maintenance, and smaller price tags than single-family homes, it’s no wonder young homebuyers find condos attractive. But living in a … [Read more...]

Credit Card Delinquencies Rising: How To Avoid Falling Behind

Credit card and loan delinquencies are on the rise, reports the American Bankers Association. Existing mortgage woes, a shaky job market, and rocketing gas and food prices may be to blame, but falling behind on credit card payments is bad, bad news … [Read more...]