Cruel Overdraft Traps

I've always figured banks actually want you to overdraw your checking account so they can score a fee, but I had no idea banks manipulate transactions to cause overdrafts, as reports. Here are the two most shocking tricks banks use, … [Read more...]

Young People Are In Financial Trouble

Thanks to Emily from Taking Change for the guest post at Free Money Finance highlighting an important survey showing that young people are in financial dire straights. The report, released by the financial advocacy group Qvisory, indicates that … [Read more...]

Suze Orman is a Buzzkill

I do not subscribe to the Suze Orman personal finance methodology. Unfortunately, I think most personal finance bloggers do. What am I talking about? It's the notion that: "If you spend money, you're stupid; If you're in debt, you're stupid." … [Read more...]

How to File a FAFSA as an Independent Undergraduate Student

It’s a common financial aid quandary: Why does a student who does not receive financial support from mom and dad need to include parents’ finances—including their most recent tax returns—when completing a FAFSA form for federal financial aid? Some stu … [Read more...]

Saving Money by Avoiding Sales Tax

Sixteen states are offering sales tax holidays this August, providing consumers with a couple of days to shop tax-free. Should you take the bait? … [Read more...]

Emergency Fund Calculator: How Much Cash Do You Need?

Wondering how much you need in your emergency fund? Calculate a rough estimate of how much to stash away for a rainy day using this simple formula. … [Read more...]

Six Must-Follow Resume Tips

Whether you’re actively aiming for a new gig or just floating a few resumes here and there, following these critical resume tips can make the difference between landing your dream job and never even getting into an interview chair. … [Read more...]

I'm Off For a Week

I just wanted to drop everybody a note to let you know that I'm leaving tomorrow for a week in Croatia and Bosnia, and won't be posting for that time. I may be able to get up a couple of guest posts next week, but I can't promise my apologies … [Read more...]