Credit Unions: Non-Profits Offer a Great Alternative to Banks

Susan raised an important point in her comment last week: Credit unions are a great alternative to banks, and I have neglected them in my writing here (despite the fact I am a satisfied credit union customer). And, in today’s economic situation, c … [Read more...]


That's $700 billion divided by approximately 138 million U.S. taxpayers. That would sure put the year's previous stimulus tax rebate to shame. (Remember that? Guess it didn't work.) Just sayin'. … [Read more...]

Q&A: I Have Tons of Debt and Virtually No Income. What Are My Options?

Jessica writes: I’m a 23-year old undergraduate student with tons of debt that is all in collections. I only make $50 a month plus room and board as a residential assistant. I feel overwhelmed because I just can't do anything about it right now. Do I … [Read more...]

WaMu Failure: What To Do If You Have Deposits with Washington Mutual

So Washington Mutual, once the nation's largest savings and loan, yesterday became the nation's latest bank failure. If you have money deposited with WaMu---or use the bank for any other financial products like loans, credit cards, or your … [Read more...]

Unembossed Visa Cards Coming to a Wallet Near You

What's a credit or debit card without bumpy account numbers? We'll soon find out. Visa has announced that unembossed cards are now available in the U.S. following successful testing. The raised account name and numbers on existing credit and debit … [Read more...]

Who’s To Blame for this Economic Mess?

Banks are failing, the economy is lifeless, and taxpayers are getting the bill. Were this 1929, we’d have our money under our mattresses, and we’d be sitting on them. Assuming, of course, we still owned homes with mattresses! Now, the question eve … [Read more...]

Will Your Bank Survive? Here's How to Check

Billionaire investor Wilbur Ross expects thousands of banks to fail in the coming months, he told CNBC this week. How can you tell if your bank will be one of them? … [Read more...]

The Absolute Best Way to Motivate Yourself to Save Money

It's so easy, I can't believe I didn't know about it sooner. Scratch that, I have read it a million times. I can't believe that I didn't do it sooner! Because this motivational technique really works. Whether you are trying to save money, pay down … [Read more...]

Financial Products You (Probably) Don’t Need

My twenty something friends sometimes ask me whether they should hire a financial advisor. Usually, they have just read an article or heard a high-pressure marketing spiel. The fact is, unless you have over $100,000 in investments, you don’t need a f … [Read more...]

The FDIC: What It Is and Why You (Might) Need It

The Federal Deposit Insurance Company (FDIC) is a division of the United States government that insures bank deposits up to $100,000 each. The FDIC was founded after the Great Depression, when many troubled U.S. banks failed under economic pressures … [Read more...]