What Kind of Credit Do You Need to Get a Credit Card Today?

I often talk about how credit card companies are approving fewer and fewer credit card applications. It is still possible, however, for consumers with decent credit to get new credit cards with good terms—you just need to know which cards offer your best chance of approval.

What Would You Do With $100,000?

As far as potential windfalls are concerned, a hundred grand is an interesting amount of money. It’s a tidy sum for anyone to be sure, but it’s hardly what Powerball jackpots and overnight retirements are made of. So, I want to know, what would you do with $100k?

Do You Believe Work Clothes are an Investment?

News surfaced last week about Republican donors spending over $100,000 in less than a month on vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s wardrobe. Now I think most prudent folks would balk at anybody dropping tens of thousands at Neiman Marcus, but I believe there is some truth to that old saying “dress for the job you […]

How to Save Money on Your Next Apartment

One of the ways I was able to pay off $80,000 of debt in just a few years was by cutting back on the biggest expenses in my life—including my rent. I didn’t move back in with mom and dad, but I did swap living in a $1,000 a month apartment on my own for […]

Will You Be Laid Off? Spot the Warning Signs

Fortunately, twentysomethings are not usually the first employees to be laid off when an economic downturn forces employers to cut staff. After all, relative to more experienced employees, we’re cheap. But we’re not immune from being laid off and, in today’s economy, that reality could face any one of us any day. The looming possibility […]

Should You Cash Out Your 401(k) When Leaving a Job?

Did you know that 45 percent of Americans cash out their 401(k) retirement accounts when they leave their employers? Do you know that when you cash out your account before the age of 59 ½ that your withdrawal is not only taxed like regular income but also subject to a 10 percent early withdrawal penalty? […]

Note to Readers: Site and Subscription Updates

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How to Get Hired in a Recession: Eight Tips for Job Hunting in Today’s Tough Times

Landing a new job is never a cakewalk, but today’s tough economy is sure to make it especially difficult. Whether you are fishing for a first job out of school, recently laid off, or just ready to make a change, being prepared and having the right attitude can give you an edge in today’s competitive […]

How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck and Start Getting Ahead

Do you live paycheck to paycheck? Most Americans do. Money comes in on payday, and in two weeks (or sooner) it’s gone. When you don’t have emergency savings, or even a cushion in your checking account, the smallest unexpected expense can put your personal finances in a tailspin. But with a little planning and some […]

Q&A: Will My Credit Score Go Down if a Credit Card Company Closes My Account for Non-use?

Leticia asks: I received a letter from a credit card company saying that since I have not used their credit card for over a year they will be closing my account. I have had the card for over five years and kept in good standing, but have used other accounts with lower rates. Will this […]