Have You Said "No, Thank You” to Credit Cards?

Do you, by choice, not carry (or use) a credit card at all? I would like to hear from people who have made the decision to go credit card-free. How long have you been without plastic? Why did you kiss credit cards goodbye? How has living credit … [Read more...]

Give to Charity Without Touching Your Own Money

To everyone who called because I haven't written lately: Thank you, I'm okay! Truth is, I've been preoccupied shopping, wrangling work, and planning an out-of-state move. But today, I saw a Salvation Army bell ringer (some of whom, incidentally, now … [Read more...]

Dirty, Sexy, Money: A Former Bank Teller's Story

Ever wondered why toll both collectors wear latex gloves? Blogger PJ of Broke in the Suburb explains. She used to work as a bank teller and recently wrote all about why money disgusts her. Aside from all the nasty stuff she saw on cash itself, I … [Read more...]

The Economy: I Want YOU to Spend Your Money

Capitol Hill is frustrated with Americans because we’re saving money, paying down debt, and not spending. How dare we! … [Read more...]

How to Change Your Primary Financial Institution

Banks and credit unions want your business, and many offer new customers great perks like ATM fee reimbursement, totally free checking accounts, even cold hard cash. Problem is, swapping your primary financial institution isn’t as easy as, say, c … [Read more...]

Selling Gold or Jewelry? Beware

If you have ever considered selling old gold or other unwanted jewelry for cash, you need to know that the many companies that advertise on TV and online, including, will NOT give you “top dollar” for your silver, gold, or platinum. In f … [Read more...]