COBRA: Continuing Health Insurance After You Leave a Job

If you have ever left a full-time job before, you probably got the spiel from HR (or at least a letter) informing you of your right to continue your health insurance coverage under COBRA laws. … [Read more...]

How (and Why) to Get Health Insurance When Unemployed

Health insurance is so important, but it’s not on a lot of young people’s radar screens unless you start a family or get sick. If your parents, university, or full-time employer provides health insurance, fortunately you don’t have to spend much time … [Read more...]

Changes to Tax Law in 2008

As if our federal tax code isn’t complicated enough, the Internal Revenue Service goes and changes it every year. And 2008 was no different. The IRS adjusted tax brackets, exemptions, and standard deductions for inflation and added new credits. H … [Read more...]

Five Alternative Investment Ideas

Did the stock market rattle your nerves in 2008? Although I’m a firm believer that last year’s record declines in stock prices means 2009 is a great time to beef up your stock investments and buy, buy, buy—I understand that some folks are looking for … [Read more...]

Auto Insurance Coverage Types: Which Do You Need?

Earlier this week I wrote about the importance of bodily injury liability coverage, arguably the most important part of your auto insurance coverage. But what about all the other auto insurance coverage types? What do you need to load up on? And … [Read more...]

Retirement Saver's Tax Credit is a Great Benefit for Low Income Taxpayers

I just learned about the retirement saver's tax credit. If you qualify, this tax credit is definitely worthwhile. In a nutshell, if you fall under the income caps and contribute up to $2,000 to any retirement plan (401[k], traditional IRA, or even a … [Read more...]

How to Manage Money When You're Unemployed

Are you out of work, short on cash, and wondering how the heck you are going to feed yourself or your family in the weeks ahead? Don't panic. Here’s how to develop a sound strategy for managing money while unemployed so you can stop worrying and s … [Read more...]

How to Prepare for a Layoff

Layoffs are everywhere these days. My employer axed 20 more of my coworkers on Friday, and every week I hear about friends losing jobs at various companies nationwide. Layoffs suck, but given the recession we’re in, they aren’t a surprise. And alt … [Read more...]

Five Tips for Preparing to File Your Taxes

I have certainly been guilty of filing my taxes at midnight on April 15th, but as I get older and my taxes get more complicated, I can’t afford to wait until March to start getting my taxes in order. Here are five things I’ve found helpful to start do … [Read more...]

Auto Insurance Liability Limits: How Much Do You Need?

Here’s an interesting tidbit about auto insurance many people don’t know: bodily injury liability coverage is the most important type of car insurance to have and, often, the least expensive. How much liability coverage is enough, and how can you tel … [Read more...]