Five Types of Overspenders

People spend—and overspend—for a lot of reasons. Here are five reasons may people spend more than they have. If you have trouble overspending, uncovering why is an important step in learning to reign in the behavior and get on track to financial stability.

Mutual Funds: Five Things You Should Know

Mutual funds were born in the 20th century, but it is possible mutual funds (or at least many of them) will die in the 21st century as alternatives like hedge funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) lure investors with higher returns, less regulation, and/or lower fees. Regardless of mutual funds’ future, there are a few things […]

Secret of the Rich: Money is Absolute, Not Relative

Imagine a crisp one dollar bill. What does that one dollar mean to you? How would you spend or save it? Now imagine you are homeless and only have $4 to your name. Now what would that dollar mean to you? Finally, imagine you are a billionaire. What would that dollar mean to you then? […]

The Worst “Creditaholic” I Have Ever Seen

Channel surfing last Friday night, I caught a few minutes of Suze Orman on CNBC. She had on her show not only the worst case of “living above your means” I have ever seen, but the worst case Suze has seen, too!

Have You Ever Used a Pawn Shop?

I was interested to read this Wall Street Journal article describing a boom among pawnbrokers. It’s interesting to see that as credit cards clamp down on credit lines and banks aren’t lending new money, even high net worth Americans and business owners are turning to pawn shops for short-term loans to get through rough spots. […]