How Has The Recession Changed Your Life for the Better?

As I’ve said before, I try to avoid writing excessively about the recession. I don’t believe that ruminating on lost jobs, retirement savings, and credit opportunities will fix anything—let alone make us feel in any better. In fact, I think the media … [Read more...]

401(k) With Company Match or Roth IRA?

Rivka asks: I’m 25 and switching jobs. My old company didn’t match 401(k) contributions, so I put 6% of my salary into a Roth IRA. My new company, however, matches 100% on the first 3% of my salary that I contribute to their 401(k) and 50% of the nex … [Read more...]

Eat Healthy, Cheap

Often times, it seems that healthy food costs a lot more than junk food. But sticking to a budget and living frugally doesn’t have to mean forgoing eating healthfully. After all, what good is health without wealth? … [Read more...]