Tips for the Under 30 and Underemployed

The media spotlight often shines on the unemployed, but many Americans under 30 face an equally frustrating problem---they have educations and skills but work in jobs below their earning potential. If this is you, the right combination of … [Read more...]

What Happens If You Owe Taxes and Can’t Pay?

For many Americans, tax-time means a refund check. But others may owe Uncle Sam a big chunk of change. Happened to you? You’ll want to make quarterly estimated tax payments this year so it doesn’t happen again. But what if you owe the IRS but don’t ha … [Read more...]

More About Closing Credit Card Accounts and Your FICO Score

One of the most common questions I receive via my contact form is: “Can I close old, unused credit card accounts without hurting my credit score?” Most often, the answer is no. Here’s why. … [Read more...]

Obama’s Economic Plan: What Do You Want to See?

President Obama will ddress the nation again tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern time to talk further about the steps his administration is taking to bolster our uncertain economy. What would you want to ask him? What steps would you propose he include in his … [Read more...]

Spending You Should Not Cut, Even In a Recession

These days, everybody's looking to save money. And with good reason---the more you can cut back on monthly expenses, the better prepared you'll be to weather the recession, including the frightening prospect of losing your income. That said, there … [Read more...]

How to Open a Lending Club Lender Account

I have written a lot recently about my strong belief in the concept of social lending---including my own experiences as a borrower with Prosper. Now that my Prosper loan is almost paid off, I decided to get some experience on the other side of the … [Read more...]

Are Joint Credit Card Accounts a Good Idea?

When I asked readers how you split expenses with your partner or spouse, a few responded that they maintained separate checking accounts but shared a joint credit card account for monthly purchases like groceries and utilities. I recently started … [Read more...]

Renting is Not Wasted Money

All my friends who bought homes before their 30th birthday love to proclaim that they’re no longer “throwing money away” by paying rent. Although I too aspire to one day own my home, I’ve never felt like renting is wasting money. That’s because when I … [Read more...]

Why You Should Ignore the Stock Market

Note: I first published this post in March 2009 as the already-beleaguered stock market neared its deepest bottoms in more than ten years. Originally a reaction to the hysterical media coverage of that crash (and a simple plug for emotionless, … [Read more...]

How to Avoid an IRS Audit

Around tax time, the mere utterance of the “A” word is enough to make even the most honest taxpayers break into a cold sweat. Tax codes are so complicated, and the IRS so stringent, that an auditor could probably find an error or two in almost any … [Read more...]