Identity Theft Growing in Recession: Protect Yourself

When times get tough most of us clip coupons, take on second job, and lean on friends and family. Some, however, turn to crime. And in our digital age, that crime is less likely to be petty robbery and more likely to be identity theft. Reports of … [Read more...]

How to Avoid an IRS Audit

Around tax time, the mere utterance of the “A” word is enough to make even the most honest taxpayers break into a cold sweat. Tax codes are so complicated, and the IRS so stringent, that an auditor could probably find an error or two in almost any … [Read more...]

In Recession, Save Cash Before Paying Debt: Do You Agree?

At first, I was shocked to read that Suze Orman is recommending you pay only your minimum credit card payments and instead save cash in an emergency fund. It’s a total about-face from what Suze and probably 98% of personal finance writers typically r … [Read more...]

How to Rollover Your 401(k) to an IRA

Deciding what to do with your 401(k) retirement plan when you leave a job can be intimidating. Unless you have an extreme hardship and need to cash out your 401(k), it’s almost always best to rollover your old retirement plan into a rollover IRA. O … [Read more...]

How To Stand Out In A Competitive Job Market

Anybody looking for a job knows---it’s a jungle out there. Don’t despair. Whether you are fresh out of school or have several years of experience and are recovering from a layoff---it's still possible to stand out from the competition and land a gre … [Read more...]