How to File for a Tax Extension

Taxes are due in just a week (April 15th). Do you need to request an extension to file your federal income tax return? Filing an individual federal tax extension is easy if you know what you're doing. … [Read more...]

Social Lending Networks Compared

If you, like most Americans, are fed up with the banking system, then social lending might be for you. I believe social lending is the way of the future for both borrowers and investors. And today, when bank savings rates are tiny, the stock market … [Read more...]

What to Do If Your Employer Cuts Your Hours

Has your employer recently reduced your hours at your hourly or part-time job? You’re not alone. In this recession, reduced hours are affecting young workers more than any other age group. If your boss cuts your hours, it’s not an easy time to pick up … [Read more...]

Online Savings Accounts Provide Benefits Beyond Yield

These days, savers are bemoaning the plummeting interest rates on online savings accounts. Just two years ago, rates were 4%, 5%, even 6%. Now most online savings accounts pay yields less than 2%. Although I did write about alternatives to high yield … [Read more...]

Is That Degree Worth the Student Loan Debt?

Most don’t think twice about borrowing money for education. After all, borrowing money to pursue a college or graduate degree is an investment, right? We even call student loans “good debt” (as if there can be such a thing)! It’s true: Education unloc … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget April IRA Contributions

Today is April 1st. And that means you have 15 days left to file taxes if you haven't already! It also means you still have until April 15th to make individual retirement account (IRA) contributions that can be counted, for tax purposes, as being … [Read more...]