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What's a Graduate to Do? Advice for College Graduates Seeking Jobs in a Bad Economy

To all the recent graduates out there: Congratulations. You have worked hard, and your accomplishments are well-deserved. Now, welcome to the jungle of reality. And this year, it really is a jungle out there. If you don’t have a job lined up yet, don’t despair. Here are a few ways to put your job search […]

The Future of Credit Cards

I am absolutely fascinated by the role of credit cards in today’s recession, the new credit card laws, and how both will transform the role of credit in our lives. As somebody who got way over his head by using credit cards irresponsibly in my early twenties, I’m thrilled that following in my footsteps may […]

How to Think Like a CEO

If you have ever aspired to run your own business (or an existing corporation), you may already be interested in applying the traits, philosophies, and leadership styles of successful CEOs to your career. But even if you have no interest in becoming a business leader (or ever working in business, for that matter), learning to […]

Summary of the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009

The Senate voted today, 90-5, in favor of the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009—an effort to crack down on dubious credit card industry practices that make it easy to charge consumers outrageous interest rates and make it harder to get out of debt. Now, the Senate must merge their proposed […]

How to Lend Money The Smart Way

Has a friend or family member ever asked you for a loan? Or, have you ever considered lending money—perhaps through social lending—in order to earn better returns than you can with your savings account? If so, you have probably worried about the risks involved in lending money. For one, you always risk losing some or […]

The Top 15 No-Load Mutual Funds

When it comes to investing, my advice is simple. Buy index funds and no-load mutual funds and ignore the stock market (and the endless media analysis and speculation on individual stocks). It’s easy enough to understand, but where should starting investors turn for guidance on which funds to choose? Kiplinger’s maintains a list of its […]

Should You Be Reluctant to Use Your Emergency Fund?

Should You Be Reluctant to Use Your Emergency Fund

Sometimes it’s tough to tell what constitutes an emergency. When should you use your emergency fund and when should you look for other options? In general, use your emergency fund, only when you can’t avoid it, but before going into debt.

Don’t Stress About Your Credit Score!

I frequently write about ways you can improve your credit score, so this post may appear hypocritical. But I’m seeing so many people obsess about their FICO score and other credit scores these days and, quite frankly, I don’t think it’s healthy. Honestly, when it comes to getting your finances in order, your credit score […]

Cancelling Credit Cards: What Would You Do?

Here’s another reader question about canceling credit cards: I recently paid off the last of my credit card debt so all I owe now is a small student loan and my car payment both of which will be done in less than three years. My wife are in the process of consolidating our accounts and […]

Seven Secrets to Selling Your Stuff for More Cash

Tips on being frugal and raising extra cash are a dime a dozen these days and, chances are, you’ve heard them all before. We all know what we need to do to save money (or earn more); sometimes we just don’t know how to do it. One of my favorite tips for getting some extra […]