ChexSystems: The 'Credit Bureau' of Checking Accounts

I can’t imagine life without a checking account. But millions of Americans don’t use direct deposit, write checks, or use a debit card. Some because they’d prefer not to. And some because they can’t. For those that can’t have a checking account, chances are they bounced one too many checks and are flagged in ChexSystems—the […]

We All Have Spending Weaknesses

The guy with the $50,000 luxury car. The couple with the $3,000 a month loft apartment. The girl who spends $200 a week on locally-grown food. The guy who spends $200 a month on gym memberships and fitness classes. The guy with four motorcycles. Do you know them? These are extreme examples, but most of […]

Quicken Online’s Best Feature: Trends

I logged into my free Quicken Online account yesterday for the first time in a while. Now that Quicken has about 90 days of data from all of my financial accounts, I started to play around with the trends feature. And I loved it. The “trends” tab on Quicken Online is arguably the free budgeting […]

Does Debt Settlement Work?

For better or worse, debt settlement is all the rage these days. The New York Times wrote yesterday about a debt-ridden freelance writer who settled a $5,000 credit card debt for half of the original balance. The Today Show discussed debt settlement on its program this morning. What is debt settlement? Does it work? And […]

Beware Credit Card Rate Jackings (Increases)

We saw it coming. Last month Congress and President Obama changed the rules for credit cards by signing the CARD Act into law. A few weeks later, the credit card companies are already responding by increasing interest rates on existing customers. Have you been hit with a rate jacking in the last month? Please share […]

How to Find the Best Mortgage

Everybody I know that has bought or will soon be buying a home spends countless hours searching for the perfect home. Few, if any, spend much time searching for the perfect mortgage. Make no mistake; finding the right first home is important. But your dream home could be for naught if you end up in […]

Do You Keep Cash Stashed Around the House?

Even as our economy got really hairy this Winter, we avoided repeating the Great Depression in part because Americans didn’t make a run on banks and withdraw cash to hide under the mattress. Keeping all of your liquid assets in cash may not be the smartest move, but that’s not necessarily the case for stashing […]

Cash-for-Clunkers Bill Could Offer $4,500 for Your Old Car

My father drives an old Lincoln town car that has over 300,000 miles on it. That’s right, 300,000. Not only does he drive it, but he commutes over 90 miles each way in it, every day. Everybody who knows him thinks he should have gotten a new car oh, about 100,000 miles ago. But my […]

How Much Money Is In Your Checking Account?

How Much Money Is In Your Checking Account-

How you set up and handle your money is your own personal decision. Some people like to have a lot of extra cash in checking in case something comes up. Others prefer to have only what they will need in checking and keep the rest in savings for safe keeping. It’s totally your choice, there are no wrong answers here.

Ally Bank Online Savings Account Review

There’s a new national bank competing in the high yield savings account market. Ally Bank offers several online savings options that market-leading interest rates, including an online savings account that requires no minimum opening deposit or minimum balance, as well as a variety of certificate of deposits. Who is Ally Bank? Ally Bank is a subsidiary of the General […]