Owing Mom and Dad: Debt or Gratitude?

The following is a guest post by Susie Bafico. Plenty of parents help out their adult kids with cash, and it’s not just cars and trust funds. For many, the safety net is pulled on the way to college, while for others it never really ends. … [Read more...]

Risky Business: When Student Loans Go To Collections

This is a guest post from Kat Fae, an American twenty-something living in London.  Deciding to expand my life after college in another country was a big decision and one that has challenged me financially and intellectually. As I packed up and … [Read more...]

Things I Wish I Knew About Money in College

Here’s something I learned, the hard way, while in college. The “real world” does not necessarily begin after graduation. Getting a full-time job or your own apartment does not define the “real world” and all the responsibilities that go along with i … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Textbook Salesman

Lavish sales meetings in Miami’s South Beach. All-night benders with clients. Unlimited freebies for prospects. No, I’m not talking about Wall Street; I’m talking about your college textbook publisher. … [Read more...]

We’re Getting Married (In a Week!) How Will Our Finances Change?

I’m getting married one week from today! I can hardly believe how quickly the day has crept up on us, but considering my fiancée and I have dated for the majority of the ten years since we met in high school, some might say “it’s about time”. Although … [Read more...]

Free Savings Calculators on the Web

Leading online savings bank FNBO Direct is relaunching its pay yourself first challenge with a handy savings calculator that lets you quickly evaluate your monthly saving and spending and find new ways to save. Here's a preview of FNBO's savings … [Read more...]

When To Finance Even If You Could Pay Cash

Should you ever go into debt even if you have the cash to make the purchase? Dave Ramsey would definitely say "NO!". But believe it or not, there are situations in which it may actually cost you more if you don't go into debt! … [Read more...]

The Colleges and Majors With the Highest Paid Graduates

Will attending an elite college like Harvard or Stanford result in a higher salary? (On average, yes). How much more do engineering majors bring home than English majors? (As much as $21,800 to start). Most important: How much can you expect to … [Read more...]

How to Negotiate Prices at Retail Stores

You don’t have to be at a yard sale to do a littler haggling. Did you know you can actually negotiate prices at retail stores? Use this thrifty trick to save on your next purchase---no matter where you make it! … [Read more...]

How to Overcome a Fear of Dealing with Your Finances

Have you ever been afraid to open a credit card bill, check your bank account balances, or sit down and create a monthly budget? You are not alone. I regularly talk to friends and readers who admit they are afraid of dealing with their personal … [Read more...]