Simple Budget Worksheet

Budgeting is good for you, but often we don't do it. There's a big reason why most budgets fail, but close to the top of the list are all the complicated tools people use for budgeting. Some exercise is better than none. And a simple budget is … [Read more...]

I Paid Off My Prosper Loan!

I paid off my Prosper loan! It’s definitely been a month of celebrations. Getting married, starting to work for myself and now, paying off debt! About two and a half years ago, I wrote about applying for and getting a personal loan from peer-to-peer l … [Read more...]

On Becoming a Full-Time Blogger

Today, I become a truly full-time blogger. I have been preparing for this day for eight months (and dreaming of it for several years). Now that it has arrived, I am both excited and petrified, but I am confident that anything without risk is not … [Read more...]

How to Check Your Own FICO Score

A reader working to qualify for a mortgage writes: "I have checked my credit with the three bureaus, and they seem to have all my info up to date and everything looks good. My problem is that on the free credit reports I received (via … [Read more...]