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Essential Personal Finance Books

I'll be the first to admit that browsing the personal finance section at your local Barnes & Noble can be intimidating. There are hundreds of personal finance titles to choose from; it's possible to spend a small fortune trying to learn how to … [Read more...]

FHA Mortgage Loans: A Good Idea for First-Time Buyers?

FHA mortgage loans are mortgages that are guaranteed by the U.S. Government's Federal Housing Administration. Thanks to this guarantee, FHA mortgage loans are often available to home buyers who do not qualify for "traditional" … [Read more...]

Busting the Millionaire Myth

We non-millionaires (last I checked, we're still in the majority), may or may not find the prospect of such wealth alluring. Those of us swayed by the sirens' song of riches may work hard to increase our income, invest wisely, and set a course to get … [Read more...]

Credit Card Alternatives

Credit card companies are raising interest rates on just about everybody these days, fueling many people's passionate disdain for using any credit card for any reason. Once upon a time, there was only one alternative to spending with credit cards: … [Read more...]

Think You Don’t Need Health Insurance? Think Again

The younger we are the more we tend to think that we are invincible and do not need health insurance. Cancer, broken bones, and weird illnesses with names that we can't pronounce are all things that happen to other people and never to us---right? … [Read more...]

Are You an Image Spender?

I am going to venture a guess that one of the leading reasons many of us twentysomethings wind up buried in debt is because we spend above our means not because we have to, but to look good, fit in, and feel richer than we are. Are you an … [Read more...]

A Case for Local Banks and Credit Unions

I have been trying to convince my wife to switch her checking account away from Bank of America; I'm not a fan. Recently, on my post on leading financial iPhone apps, two readers asked why. Although there are pros and cons to banking both with large … [Read more...]

Open Your First IRA

There are a lot of reasons to open an individual retirement account (IRA). If your employer doesn’t offer a retirement plan, offers lousy investment choices, you’ve maxed out your 401(k), or simply want greater control over your retirement sav … [Read more...]

My Credit Card Raised My Interest Rate! Here’s What to Do

Stories of credit card companies raising interest rates on just about everybody---even customers with perfect credit, no debt, and no late payments---continue to roll in. That's because the CARD Act takes effect this winter and will restrict … [Read more...]

Six Things to Know About Your Student Loans

At some point during my freshman year of college, I vaguely remember attending a mandatory 45-minute meeting in the financial aid office and signing some paperwork that had to do with my student loans. And I remember receiving notices about nine … [Read more...]