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Student Loan Consolidation

It’s common to graduate with four, eight, or even a dozen student loans from a handful of lenders. Even if most of them are from the same two or three service companies, each loan may have a different interest rate and due date. Talk about i … [Read more...]

$6,500 Home Buyer Tax Credit

Good news for prospective home-buyers: It looks like Congress will extend the $8,000 first-time home buyer tax credit that was slated to end this month and add a $6,500 tax credit for those that have already owned a home. The Senate voted 98-0 … [Read more...]

Five “Forgotten” Financial Habits to Develop In Your Twenties

"I'm 25 and only make $30k a year. I've got student loans. I'm broke! Why should I care about investing?" I hear this all the time. When it comes to money, many of my peers (at least the ones not completely afraid of their finances) are concerned … [Read more...]