Waging War on Wall Street?

Just over a week ago, the Obama Administration waged war on Wall Street. President Obama has proposed financial reform that would limit the size and activities of the largest U.S. banks by separating proprietary trading, hedge funds, and private … [Read more...]

E*Trade Complete and Max Rate Checking Review

You may be familiar with E*Trade as one of the first online stock brokers. What you may not know is that E*Trade is also a great place to bank. They even do home loans and credit cards. E*Trade Max Rate Checking E*Trade's Max Rate checking … [Read more...]

Don’t Let Dating Drain Your Wallet!

It's an age-old conundrum: How do can you make a good impression on a date and not spend a lot? Still in college? Then a night out at "Quarter Draw Thursdays" might be all it takes. The rest of us don't have it so easy. There's no way around it, a … [Read more...]

Seven Precepts To Prosper By

So, you want some answers. On priorities: I’m 25. What should my financial priority be? On saving: How much should I be saving if I earn $45k? On spending: Can I afford that vacation next summer? In three years I’ve written roughly a half m … [Read more...]

The Future of ETFs

This past week, the Boca Raton Resort & Club hosted the Third Annual Inside ETFs Conference, the world’s largest exchange traded fund (ETF) event with over 750 participants. CNBC even broadcasted live from the event with interviews from ETF issuers, m … [Read more...]

Five Poor Reasons to Buy a Home

Buying your first home is a serious and exciting event. It takes patience, money and responsibility to be ready to buy a home, but buying the property is only half the battle. The transition between depending on a landlord and being your own landlord … [Read more...]

Your Money Ratios Book Review

As a financial writer, I try to do one thing above all else: Make intimidating financial topics easier to understand. Sometimes I succeed, often I fail, but my goal is always the same: Make managing your money simpler. So I am excited to review a … [Read more...]

What Are the Chances of Being Audited?

The stress of tax time comes from organizing paperwork, crunching numbers, meeting deadlines and---oh yes---that slight but persistent possibility of having somebody go through your tax return with a magnifying glass looking for errors and omissions. … [Read more...]

Roth IRA Conversion

If you want to get the most bang for your retirement-buck, it's time to read up on an popular but confusing tax-saving tactic, the Roth IRA conversion. A Roth IRA conversion allows you to pay income taxes on money you have invested tax-free in a … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Not To Use Rewards Credit Cards

Let’s be honest: We make a lot of mistakes with credit cards. I like to assume that most people don’t start drowning in high-interest credit card debt on purpose. We don’t choose to fork over billions to credit card companies every year because we … [Read more...]