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You Can Eat Healthy On A Budget

It’s a deceiving myth that has circulated for years: Eating healthy is expensive. The truth is, both healthy and unhealthy food options can be costly. If you can seek out the less expensive versions of the healthiest foods, however, you can be good to your heart and your budget all at once. A couple weeks […]

The Principle That Can Make You Rich or Keep You Broke

Speeding Through Tunnel

Imagine you’re in the final stretch of a grueling race, vying for first with a small pack of determined opponents. As adrenaline and your desire to win pushes you forward, one by one, you pass your competitors. Finally, with the finish line in sight, you’re in the lead. Of course, you won’t relax and give […]

How To Buy Wedding Rings Online

How To Buy Wedding Rings Online

Knowing how to buy wedding rings online can save you a lot of money. Here are our tips of where to shop and what to look for when making this important purchase.

Six Money-Saving Tips For When Life Gets Hectic

Life is busy. With full time jobs, school, family, friends, pets, kids, appointments, and errands, we barely have enough time to relax, let alone keep our finances in order. Sometimes a hectic life is what really wreaks havoc on our finances; we become so busy that we forget about frugality and budgeting and just want […]

How to Start Saving For Retirement

Perhaps you heard it from your parents, some guy you know who “really has it together” or maybe you’ve read it on a blog like this one. Regardless of where you got the advice: You know that it’s never too early to start saving for retirement. That means if you have a steady job, you […]

Understanding Overdraft Protection and Fees

At one point or another, it’s happened to nearly all of us: For one reason or another, we spent more than our available checking account balance. And most likely, we wound up paying an overdraft fee for the privilege. In years prior to the day I “smartened up” financially, I probably gave my credit union […]

Home Mortgage Interest Deduction: What You Need to Know

Want to save thousands on your taxes? Consider buying a home. Without a doubt, the home mortgage interest deduction is a major perk of home ownership: the mortgage interest you pay on your home reduces your taxable income. The first-year interest payments on a $180,000 30-year fixed rate home loan at 5.01 percent add up […]

How to Organize Your Finances in Three Simple Steps

Pop quiz: Do you know how much cash you have in all of your bank accounts, right now? How long would you take to determine how much you spent on groceries and how much you contributed to your IRA last year? Stumped? You might stand to learn how to organize your finances better. I know […]