Whom Can You Trust to Sell You a Home? Finding a Great Buyer’s Agent

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How To Take Advantage of Rising Interest Rates

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Home Loans: The Good, the So-So, and the Stupid

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Beware Time Suck

Every day, I have a plan to come home from work and get in two or three solid hours studying for my CPA exam. I always leave work with good intentions. I tell myself that I will head straight home, fire up my laptop, avoid any unnecessary internet … [Read more...]

Should You Borrow Money to Invest for Retirement?

Two Yale Professors want you to borrow money to invest in the stock market. Economists Ian Ayres and Barry Nalebuff first pitched the idea in a 2005 Forbes column called Mortgage Your Retirement. Their philosophy is this: Young people should take … [Read more...]

The Real Cost of an iPhone

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Five Strong Stocks for Beginning Investors

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A Simple Spreadsheet for Tracking Shared Expenses

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Avoid These Simple Tax Return Mistakes

If you're hurriedly trying to finish up your tax returns, it’s easy to make a number of simple mistakes as you’re trying to meet the due date. When it comes to completing complex tax forms, many of us are more worried about whether we claimed our d … [Read more...]