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Find Your Financial Balance

Child Balancing on Balls

In debt? Why not head out and get a loan for the trendiest, most expensive car you can find. Never mind the interest rate. As long as you can get approved! And don’t worry about getting the car insured either, because the chance you’ll get into a wreck is pretty slim. And last but not […]

Beware Free Credit Score Ads

Have you already noticed that all the annoying TV ads for FreeCreditReport.com are now for FreeCreditScore.com? That’s because as of April 2, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) now requires companies claiming to offer free credit reports to include obvious disclaimers informing you that the only place to get a truly free credit report is […]

The Investing Lesson Todd Taught Me

boy with money

As a boy, I spent a lot of time annoying our next-door neighbor, Todd, a successful work-at-home plastics executive. In exchange, he taught me curse words, how to play poker, and one very smart habit. Todd read a Boston Globe every morning in a very specific way: First he opened the comics, then the stock […]