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How to Research a Mutual Fund

Trying to pick the right mutual fund can seem like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The entire process can seem endless with hundreds of fund companies offering thousands of different mutual funds. Don’t fret! We’re here to help. There are specific criteria that you should use to evaluate whether a fund is […]

Using Credit Cards and Debit Cards Overseas

When I moved to the UK and opened a bank account, I had no idea that anything but a Visa or Mastercard logo could be on a debit card (in other parts of the world, there are other kinds of debit cards). I should have looked into this before hand, but it honestly didn’t cross […]

All About Earnest Money

When you make an offer to buy a house, the seller may ask you to remit money as an earnest deposit. Most purchase contracts stipulate a specific amount of earnest money to be given by the buyer along with the offer. What is an appropriate amount? Will the money be refunded if the purchase is […]

Why Bonds Belong In Your Portfolio At Any Age

Bonds belong in your portfolio at any age.

Bonds aren’t just for old people. Young investors can also benefit by having bonds in their portfolio. Bonds diversify your risk while also providing income. Sometimes that income can even have tax advantages that you can’t find in stocks.

How to Open an International Bank Account

My first job outside the United States was in London. I worked for a travel company in Maine with international locations, so when an opportunity came up for me to hop the pond, I grabbed it. After making the move, the most important detail I had to deal with wasn’t where to live or how […]

Is Lending Club a Good Investment for You?

Lending Club person-to-person lending is a good investment for those already diversified.

Is Lending Club a smart investment for you? Lending Club is not a scam; it’s a person-to-person lending network where ordinary people like you and me can loan money to others.

Three Little Ways to Boost Your Emergency Fund

Three Little Ways to Boost Your Emergency Fund 2

If the thought of saving up three to six months of expenses is overwhelming then start smaller. Here are a few simple things you can do today to help you get started on that emergency fund.

Peer-to-Peer Auto Loans

Peer-to-peer auto loans provide a great alternative to dealer financing.

Peer-to-peer auto loans provide an attractive alternative to car dealership financing. They allow you to shop like a cash buyer and they’re unsecured, meaning there are no restrictions on the year or model of car you buy.

Dividends Are Your Friend

For people that are new to the stock market, investing jargon can be intimidating. Among the topics that can be confusing are dividends. Many wonder what dividends are and how they affect you, the investor. In short, dividends are always a good thing. After you’ve become a partial owner in a company (in other words, […]

Is a Short Sale Right For You?

Are you or someone you know having trouble paying a mortgage? You’re not alone. Millions of Americans are still grappling with the fallout from the recent recession. And for many, that means falling behind on mortgage payments. If you’re starting to get behind on your mortgage or have already received a notice of default (NOD) […]