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Tax Benefits of Home Ownership

Tax Benefits of Home Ownership

Buying a house can give you more than just the pride of ownership, there are several tax benefits as well. You can deduct the interest, mortgage points, property taxes, and even part of the principal of your mortgage if you have a home office. And the sellers aren’t left out, there are tax benefits for selling as well.

Grads: Can You Still Afford to Be Picky?

This recession has hit recent grads hard. Case-in-point: Scott Nicholson, 24, is crashing at his parents’ place and searching for a job with little success. And yet, he turned down a $40,000 job offer in his field of interest because it wasn’t a management-training, career-track position. Is this guy: Smart to hold out? Off his […]

Create a New Home Expense Fund

I take home ownership pretty seriously. It’s probably one of the biggest financial move any of us will ever make. Jumping into owning a home before you’re ready is easy to do, but it will most likely just land you in a tight financial situation in the end. Only you can decide when you’re really […]

Buying Options: What Every Investor Needs to Know

Have you ever wondered about how to get started investing in options? Options trading has been increasing in popularity over the past few years. Television shows like Fast Money and Options Action devote a significant amount of time discussing option strategies for investors. Investors and traders are attracted to the low cost, high return potential […]

The High Cost(s) of Buying a Home

If you’ve never bought a home before, you may see a $300,000 asking price and think,“I can afford that” (with a mortgage, most likely). But, can you really? Are you aware of the fees and expenses involved in purchasing a home? Homeownership is a worthwhile investment. Each home is one of a kind and sits […]