The Doorbuster Fallacy: Why Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Other Sales Are Bad for Your Wallet

  I awoke Friday, mildly hung-over on turkey and wine, to a TV news clip of early-morning shoppers stampeding through a local Target, elbowing one another for the best “Black Friday” deals. This clip was no different than others played every year on the day after Thanksgiving. But at least nobody was trampled to death […]

Beginning Stock Investing: A Starter Guide

Beginning Stock Investing A Starter Guide

When you are just getting started investing the amount of information available is overwhelming. With so much advice and strategies it’s hard to decide which is best. What you need is quick guide to getting started investing. Here are the five things you need to know to get started.

What is an IPO? Facts for New Investors

IPO is an investing acronym we haven’t heard much in a while…until recently. This week, General Motors went through the world’s largest-ever IPO following the embattled automaker’s bankruptcy last year. GM shares are available for trading as of today. Now that the economy is stabilized and capital is once again flowing to businesses, many companies […]

Fringe Benefits For the Win: 15 Tax-Free Perks of Working for the Man

Do you know how much do you earn? (Hint: If your employer provides benefits, it’s actually more than you think.) See, if your salary is $50,000, you don’t earn just $50,000. The actual value of your pay is comprised of both salary and benefits, which is generally much much than your base salary. As an […]

The Real Truth About Loan Modifications

Loan modification is a hot topic these days. Millions of home owners are currently struggling to make their mortgage payments, and many owe more than their homes are worth. If you find yourself in this situation, your options aren’t great. Essentially, you can: Put your home on the market as a short sale. Stop paying […]

ShareBuilder Review: Alternative to Online Brokers Targets Automatic Investors

If you want to start investing, you need at least a couple grand to get you going, right? Brokers have minimum opening deposits, and then you need to buy enough shares of stock to justify paying trade commissions. Although that may be true at many online stock brokers, it’s not the case with ShareBuilder. ShareBuilder […]

When To Buy A Stock: Three Signs It’s Time To Load Up On Shares

Are you wondering if it’s time to load up your stock shopping cart? The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up well over 11,000 and investors are slowly returning to the market. The economy is gradually improving and economic activity is slowly on the uptick. You might be wondering if you should take the plunge and […]

House-Hunting Secrets: Three Ways to Make the Most of Open Houses

Home buyers, listen up: If you’re savvy, you can get more out of open houses than free cookies. Realtors use open houses to find buyers, but clever buyers can use open houses to scout properties quickly, shop for a Realtor, and get the skinny on competing buyers. Although Realtors will show homes by appointment anytime, […]

What Happens at a Closing?

You found the perfect home and, after a few negotiations, the seller accepted your offer. You’ve been to the bank and have your mortgage approval in hand. In fact, the only thing standing between you and your new home is the closing. So just what is a real estate closing? And what exactly happens at […]

The Best Places for Your Short-Term Savings


It’s time to give yourself a ten-second financial check-up: Are all of your hard-earned dollars earning interest? Savvy investors know that every dollar deposited at a bank, brokerage, or financial institution should be making money… and that includes your short-term savings, cash investment balances, even your checking account. If not, you should be looking for […]