Good Credit Matters: How to Understand and Improve Your Credit Score

FICO 101: A really simple guide to your credit score.

A good credit history is a big part of financial independence; a good credit score makes it possible to get credit cards and buy a home, while a poor or missing credit history can make it difficult to rent an apartment, get insurance — or even get a job. Here’s what you need to know about building a great credit history and using it responsibly.

30 Years, 30 Things I’ve Learned About Money

Thirty things I've learned about money in 30 years.

I’m turning 30 soon†. With this milestone approaching, I’ve already passed a late night or two sipping bourbon and meditating on my first three decades of life—successes, failures and what, if anything, I learned from them. Today, I want to share a few of these points on money. I’ll offer brief explanations of some; others […]

My Three Best Tax Filing Tips

My Three Best Tax Filing Tips

Tax time is stressful for a lot of us. The best things you can do to reduce the stress is to start early, get and stay organized, and pay what you owe when you owe it. Facing taxes head on is much easier in the long run.

Four Ways to Save $50,000 or More On Your Mortgage

If you're able to make a higher monthly payment, a shorter mortgage term can save you tens of thousands on your home loan.

Note from David: When I got serious about financial improvement, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to totally eliminate dining out, Starbucks, and other indulgences like every personal finance book told me to. (Some people can; I just liked them too much.) Instead, I chose to a) earn more money and b) drastically […]