The Willpower Myth: Why Self-Control Is Not Enough

Do you have good self-control? (Seriously, do you? Please share in a comment. Think you have willpower of steel? Brag and beat your chest---but please give examples of how you’re strong-willed. Know you can’t be trusted alone in a room with a bag o … [Read more...]

Good Credit Matters: How to Understand and Improve Your Credit Score

If I had to fit this post on the back of a napkin, this is what it would look like. The keys to a good credit score are paying your bills on time, having a mix of accounts (credit cards and loans), and keeping accounts in good standing for many y … [Read more...]

30 Years, 30 Things I’ve Learned About Money

I'm turning 30 soon†. With this milestone approaching, I’ve already passed a late night or two sipping bourbon and meditating on my first three decades of life---successes, failures and what, if anything, I learned from them. Today, I w … [Read more...]

My Three Best Tax Filing Tips

Before we dive in here, let me make a couple things clear: I'm not a tax expert. (I leave that for Amber!) I find doing taxes about as titillating as most people...somewhere between Latin verb conjugation and flossing. That said, I've … [Read more...]

Four Ways to Save $50,000 or More On Your Mortgage

Note from David: When I got serious about financial improvement, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to totally eliminate dining out, Starbucks, and other indulgences like every personal finance book told me to. (Some people can; I just liked them too m … [Read more...]