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Earn More Money! Why Spending Less Isn’t the Only Answer

earn more money

Most personal finance advice focuses on spending less, but finding ways to earn more money can help you reach your financial goals faster. Here’s why.

Stafford Loan Repayment Options: Graduated, Income-based And Extended Repayment Plans

Stafford Loan Repayment Options Graduated, Income based And Extended Repayment Plans

Learn the differences among Stafford loan repayment options: standard, income-based, graduated and extended.

Mortgage Underwater? Here Are Your Options

So, was 2005 the year that you dove in and bought your first house? How much do you wish you had had a crystal ball back then? Don’t be too hard on yourself: NOBODY had the ability to see the future and nobody knew just how bad the housing industry would get. Homeowners from all […]

The Case for Simple Investing

Average investor returns versus markets, 1990-2009.

It’s not very often that the best way to do something is also the easiest. However, investing is one of those things. The more you fiddle with it the worse your returns are likely to be. Which is really great news. It means the average busy person with limited investment knowledge can still do great in the markets.

How Much Are Credit Card Miles Worth?

How much are your credit card miles worth? That all depends on the ticket you use them for...

Should you choose a cash back credit card or miles credit card? Learn more about how much credit card miles are actually worth and which you should choose.

How to Save Money While Planning a Fabulous Wedding (Plus: A Free Wedding Budget Spreadsheet and Guest List)

The wedding budget spreadsheet and guest list provides a simple way to track wedding costs and manage your guest list.

I’m in the homestretch of my engagement. My wedding is 99% planned: loose ends are coming together, I’m attending wedding showers thrown in my honor, butterflies are fluttering around in my stomach, and I’m this close to gaining one new last name. I’ve learned a lot along the way, too – about how to save […]

How to Buy a House at Auction: Can You Really Get a Home for 50 Percent Off?

Buying a house at auction isn't for everyone, but can lead to big savings.

You’ve heard the stories and seen the ads. Perhaps you even know somebody who bought a home for cheap at a foreclosure auction. Now, you’re thinking about buying a home of your own. You have CASH from savings or an inheritance. And you’re tempted by foreclosure auctions (where banks sell foreclosed homes to quickly get […]