What We Did With $40,000

The author of today’s post, Arthur Garcia, approached me a couple months about doing this podcast interview about my experiences with debt and building passive income with this blog. Arthur’s since launched The Business of U, a website focusing on per … [Read more...]

Condo Financing is Different

Are you considering getting a mortgage to buy a condo? Read this first. As a Realtor, I know that condos are popular among first-time home buyers. After all, the average condo costs less than the average single-family home. (In March 2011, the … [Read more...]

How Much Do You (Really) Need in an Emergency Fund?

One of my goals for this blog is to try to provide authoritative answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about money. One such question is: “How much do I need to save in an emergency fund?” Long ago, I answered that question wi … [Read more...]

It’s Good To Say Thank You

It’s good to say thank you. Not only can being grateful make you happier, it might just pay dividends. Psychologists have shown that when people feel appreciated, they’re more likely to make economic decisions that benefit the common goo … [Read more...]

Invest In Yourself

Have you invested recently…in yourself? If so, leave a comment describing how you invested in yourself, how much it cost, and what you think you’ll get out of it. (Share how you've invested in yourself here ») WHY I ASK This week I’m at … [Read more...]

The Best Mutual Funds and ETFs for New Investors

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about the best places for new investors to open investing accounts. But a complementary decision (and, perhaps, a more important one) isn’t where to invest, but how. I began to answer that question recently as well, … [Read more...]