Do You Need a Financial Advisor?

I asked Mark to write about hiring financial planners/advisors because occasionally you guys email me wanting to know if you should hire one and---if so---how to go about it. (Figured it was better to ask an actual financial advisor than try to a … [Read more...]

Credit Card Insurance: Little-Known Ways Your Plastic Can Protect You

I'm off again this week recovering from a whirlwind two weeks of travel for the day job. In the meantime, here's a collection of little-known credit card perks from Michael Dolen, the twenty-something founder of Credit Card Forum, a site where … [Read more...]

A Tried and True Formula for Buying Rental Property

A little over a month ago, guest writer Arthur Garcia contributed a well-received post about how he and his fiancée used a $40,000 inheritance to purchase an investment property. I know you may not be an active (or even aspiring) real estate … [Read more...]