Find and Rent The Best Apartments In Your City: How To Optimize Your Apartment Hunt

How do you find the best apartment rentals in your city?

You might not expect to hear this from a Realtor—after all, I help people buy and sell homes for a living—but buying a home isn’t right for everybody all the time. Many times, in fact, it’s best to rent. If you don’t want to settle down, if you’re still building credit and saving for a […]

Your Money Checklist

Pilots use checklists all the time; here's how you can do the same for your finances.

3,500 feet above the sleepy small towns of Maine’s Oxford Hills, I nudged the yoke on the rickety old Cessna 152 and banked into a lazy left turn back toward the airport after the day’s flying lesson. As much fun as I was having, I was relieved the hour was almost done—simultaneously keeping track of […]