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The Best Inexpensive Christmas Gifts People Will Actually Want to Receive


We asked our readers for the best inexpensive Christmas present ideas that they would actually want. The results are in! Get some ideas for your loved ones this year from fellow Money Under 30 readers.

How Not To Suck at Applying for a Job

From Facebook: Fans give their best job search advice.

When it comes to landing a job, the magic word is preparation. Take time to research the company for which you are applying and customize your resume to fit the job. Make your resume stand out by focusing on what problems you can solve for your new employer. Ace the interview by knowing yourself, the company, and having a list of questions that show your genuine interest. You want them to feel like theirs is the only job you applied for.

How To Use Social Media To Help—Not Hurt—Your Career


Note from David: It’s been a while since we’ve talked about career issues on Money Under 30, so we’re going to fix that this week. Today, I asked Amber to write about how you can use social networking accounts to help your career. (At the very least, if your Facebook profile photo includes a Solo […]

How to Choose a Financial Advisor

How to Choose a Financial Advisor

If you don’t feel confident when it comes to investing and planning your financial future a financial planner may be the way to go. Financial planners will look at the big picture and help you devise a strategy to meet your long term goals.

Richer By The Week: What’s Your #1 Financial Goal?

Richer By The Week is a 5-day program to take control of your financial life.

Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves. —Albert Einstein. Einstein was a smart guy, and he knew the importance of something that we are terrible at today: How to focus on one thing at a time. Today, let me know in […]