Charge Cards: A Smart Alternative to Credit (And Debit) Cards

Charge cards like the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card provide a smart alternative to debit cards and traditional credit cards. What Is a Charge Card? A charge card is a like a credit card without the option to pay your balance off … [Read more...]

Q&A: I’ve Maxed Out My 401(k); Where Should I Invest Next?

Occasionally I publish answers to select readers’ money questions. I welcome your opinion in the comments. Send questions to I can’t get to them all but will do my best! Q: I’ve been employed for six months. I'm 30 (school too … [Read more...]

Special Tax Situations: Audits, Extensions, Payment Plans, and Quarterly Payments

Editor's Note: This is the last in our six-part No-Stress Guide to Filing Your Taxes. You can start at the beginning with Part 1: Your Tax Document Checklist. For most taxpayers, completing your tax return simply means mailing off your 1040 … [Read more...]

Need a Tax Break? Here’s a List

Everybody wants some tax breaks...or a few more. When it comes to taxes these breaks---credits, adjustments, and deductions---are always your friend. They’ll lower your bottom line, reducing the amount you owe or increasing your tax refund. So i … [Read more...]

5 Big Car Buying Mistakes

Last Saturday I was out to dinner at one of those Japanese Hibachi places. Over a scorpion bowl, I was talking to a friend who works as a sales manager at a luxury car dealership. He was mulling over getting out of the industry because---as you might … [Read more...]

Common Tax Schedules: The No-Stress Guide To Filing Your Taxes, Part 4

We're in the middle of the "No-Stress Guide to Filing Your Taxes". We've already covered: A tax document checklist: A guide to get you started Choosing the best method to file your return Tax software: When to use and how to choose Today, … [Read more...]

Your Automatic Investment Plan

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve laid out three steps to help you build a hassle-free money management system: How to manage your spending without a traditional budget. How to create a bank account buffer to eliminate the risk of o … [Read more...]

Betterment Review: A Simple Investing Solution

I’m a fan of simple investing. Traditionally, simple investing meant investing in a index funds, securities that track the entire stock market or large sectors of it in a single low-cost investment. But even index investing isn't that simple. T … [Read more...]