7 Tricky Pitfalls To Online Bill Pay


Like most shortcuts in life, online bill pay has some serious downsides.

Car Dealer Secrets: Get 21% More Money When You Sell or Trade Your Used Car

A clean, well-maintained car can fetch at least 20 percent more when you go to sell or trade it in.

Last week, I wrote about what goes into calculating an accurate trade-in value so you can better understand that figure when the dealer presents it. Armed with this information, what steps can you now take to maximize how much you’ll get for your used car? First, the big question: Do you sell your used car […]

Can You Afford to Own a Pet?

The costs of owning a pet can really add up.

Can you afford to own a pet? To find out, you need to figure out how much owning a pet really costs. The topic is close to my heart. I’m obsessed with our family four-year-old golden retriever, DiMaggio, and I’d love to have a dog of my own in the near future. Practically, however, I’m not sure […]

Financial Checkup: Starting A Family With Big Student Loans


Balancing student loans with real life is tougher than you think it will be when you are still in school. Should you delay starting a family so you can pay back student loans? Here’s one family’s real life situation and our advice to them on starting a family, buying a house, and saving for retirement while dealing with student loans.

American Express Serve Card: Prepaid, With A Twist

Serve is a new digital prepaid card from American Express.

The American Express Serve Card is a unique prepaid card that offers a way to manage your spending as closely as you would with cash, except with a card. Here, let’s take a look what makes Serve different. What is the American Express Serve Prepaid Card? American Express describes the Serve Prepaid Card as “…a safe […]

Car Dealer Secrets: How To Be Confident You’re Getting A Fair Deal On Your Trade-In


I’ve been selling cars since 1998 … Dave showed interest in my stories about car sales and customers and thought you would enjoy my anecdotes and advice.

Q&A: Can We Get Approved For A Mortgage With $109k In Student Loan Debt?

Should you buy a home even with big student loan debts? It depends on your goals.

Can you buy a house with large student loans? Probably. But the bigger question is whether or not you should. And if you do get a mortgage, how much should you borrow? Here’s a rundown of what the banks will let you do, and what you should actually do.

My Money Story: How A Surprisingly Simple Checklist Saved Us $1,365 A Year By Eliminating Wasted Food

Jacquelyn Smith recommends shopping at farmers' markets for fresh produce.

Today I want to introduce a new type of post here on Money Under 30: “My Money Story”. These posts are the financial experiences and lessons of real Money Under 30 readers in their own words. If you would like to contribute your story to a future post, please email us david@moneyunder30.com with your idea. […]

Money Mentors: Software Entrepreneur Ben Slivka On Investing, Financial Education

Ben Slivka, a software entrepreneur and trustee of Northwestern University, shares his money advice for starting out.

Note from David: Maria is Money Under 30’s new assistant editor. This is her first post. I’ve always thought the best part of studying journalism is being able to ask any question I want. When I don’t have an answer, it’s great to be able to get an expert opinion, educate myself, and share what […]

How I Used CareOne Debt Consolidation: The ‘Secret Sauce’ in my Recipe for Defeating Debt


True story: I paid off $80k of debt in 3 years. Here’s how I used CareOne debt consolidation to automate my payments. Learn why it worked so well.