7 Tricky Pitfalls to Online Bill Pay

We love to love online bill pay. It makes automating your finances possible. It saves tons of time in our go-go-go world. But – like most shortcuts in life – online bill pay has some serious downsides. And I’m not just talking about our “frie … [Read more...]

Car Dealer Secrets: Get 21% More Money When You Sell or Trade Your Used Car

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Can You Afford to Own a Pet?

Can you afford to own a pet? To find out, you need to figure out how much owning a pet really costs. The topic is close to my heart. I'm obsessed with our family four-year-old golden retriever, DiMaggio, and I’d love to have a dog of my own in the … [Read more...]

Financial Checkup: Starting A Family With Big Student Loans

Occasionally I answer reader questions and give them a public financial checkup. The lucky reader gets free advice; you get a peek at somebody else’s money. If you want to be considered for a future checkup and are willing to share your finances with … [Read more...]

How To Apply For Private Student Loans: The Nuts And Bolts Made Offensively Simple

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I think talking about finances can be really stressful. And no finance-related topic has caused as much stress in my life so far as the process of securing a private student loan. Entering my senior yea … [Read more...]

American Express Serve Card: Prepaid with a Twist

Money is changing. I have no doubt that in five or  ten years, apps on our phones will surpass the credit cards in our wallets as the primary way we pay. The American Express Serve Prepaid Card takes us a step in that direction. Here, let's t … [Read more...]

Car Dealer Secrets: How To Be Confident You’re Getting A Fair Deal On Your Trade-In

Note from David: This is the first post from my friend, Tom. I hope he will be a regular contributor on a subject that is one of the biggest things many of us spend money on: our cars. Tom works in the car industry and has deep insight into how cars … [Read more...]

Q&A: Can We Get Approved For A Mortgage With $109k In Student Loan Debt?

Q. My wife (28) and I (27) just got married and we are hoping to buy a small starter house sometime in the next three years. We’ve discussed finances [a lot] so we feel ahead of the curve there. I make $65,000 a year as an engineer and she makes $ … [Read more...]

My Money Story: How A Surprisingly Simple Checklist Saved Us $1,365 A Year By Eliminating Wasted Food

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Money Mentors: Software Entrepreneur Ben Slivka On Investing, Financial Education

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