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Fired! How to Get Your Finances in Order When you Lose Your Job

Bad day in office.Flickr.Omar_Gurnah

Imagine the unimaginable: It’s Friday and you head to work in a good mood, primed for the weekend ahead. You settle at your desk, check your email, and see that your boss wants to see you in his office. You go in, he closes the door, and you notice the look on his face. “This […]

Car Dealer Secrets: What Invoice Pricing Really Means


Negotiating the sale of a new car is a dance: As a buyer, you want to pay as little as possible. As a dealer, I want to run a profitable business. Sometimes, this dance becomes a fight – an unpleasant, drawn-out battle of the wills. Believe it or not, sales managers don’t like these kind […]

How to Pay Your Student Loan Faster

A few things you can do to pay off student loans faster.

Now that those student loans are a reality it’s time to get the paid off as quickly as possible. There are some things you can do to help eliminate those loans. Work with your lenders, see if you qualify for loan forgiveness, and take advantage of every program out there to help relieve this burden.

What’s Your Number?

What's your number: Figuring out how much you would need to stop working and live off of indefinitely is a useful financial exercise.

— What’s your number? — Excuse me? — The amount of money you would need to be able to walk away from it all and just live happily-ever-after. See, I find that everyone has a number and it’s usually an exact number, so what is yours? That’s a quote from the movie Wall Street: Money […]

How to Shrink Your Supersize Smartphone Bill

Smartphone bills are getting out of control; here are some ways to mitigate the damage that new data plan does to your budget.

These days, it seems almost everyone has some kind of fancy phone glued to their palm 24 hours a day. We just can’t live without our status updates and tweeting and texting and e-mailing. We’re using our phones to cook dinner, pay bills, make reservations, and even change our thermostat. But these little luxuries come […]

Whole Foods On A Budget: 5 Tips For Getting The Freshest Foods For Less

Whole Foods is a foodie's paradise, but their fresh high-quality groceries aren't cheap: here are some tips to shop at Whole Foods on a budget.

Imagine somebody just handed you $100 to spend on anything you want. With the crisp C-note in your pocket, you put the key in the ignition and back out of the driveway. Where will you go? Target? The mall? Your favorite restaurant? For me, the answer is most likely the grocery store! I don’t like to […]

Banking on Tap (Literally): How Smartphone Apps for Mobile Banking Stack Up

Mobile banking is getting better with smarter smartphone apps from leading banks.

Lou Carlozo is new to Money Under 30. Based in Chicago, Lou is a personal finance contributor for Reuters Money, a columnist with DealNews.com, and a former managing editor at AOL’s WalletPop.com. This is his first post. Welcome, Lou. -Ed. *** Hours before writing this story, I accomplished a techie first in my banking life — one […]

How to Give Investments as a Gift

There are several ways to give investments as gift, including a single share of stock with a paper stock certificate.

Not to freak you out, but holiday gift-giving time is around the corner. I find the holidays stressful not only because they’re expensive, but because there’s so much pressure to choose the perfect gift. Here’s a gift option you might not have previously considered: an investment. Nobody dislikes receiving cash, but as the gift-giver you […]

How to Use a Credit Card Responsibly

Decide whether a credit card or a personal loan is better for your needs.

Personal finance writers love to preach fire and brimstone about using credit cards. But credit cards are a powerful tool that can make managing your money easier…if you use them wisely.

Your Most Important Money Goal

Making saving easier by focusing first on how much you save, then worrying about where it goes.

For the great majority of us, there will always be more ways to spend money than money to spend. As a result, managing money well requires making good decisions. A lot of them. Do you take that vacation or save a bit more this year? Will you buy or rent? Should you go into debt […]