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Your First Home: What Can You Get for $200k?

Examples of a $200k house in New York City

As if I don’t get enough real estate as a full-time broker, I spend what little time I take off from work watching the HDTV show “House Hunters.” Why watch something I see day in and out? For the same reason anyone does — to compare. I sit there, thinking about my own house and […]

More Mint Alternatives: HelloWallet and PowerWallet

Hello Wallet

Although I’m just starting out in managing my own money, I’ve already figured out one aspect of my financial personality: I like my finances to be as simple as possible. I can’t stand having bank accounts at different banks, and I worry splitting up my funds will affect how I think about what money is […]

‘I Don’t…Want to Pay for That!’: Tips for Managing Finances With a Significant Other Before Marriage

Combining finances with an unmarried partner is tricky, but honestly and a plan will make it easier.

Ah, the thrills of dating and new relationships. Movie nights, ice cream dates, walks on the beach, a romantic candlelit dinner on Saturday night followed by… …a $150 bill! If you’ve dated — even for a short time — you know that dating involves spending money. And, if you’ve been in a long-term relationship, you know […]

How to Invest for Short-Term Goals (Less Than 10 Years Out)

How do you save for goals less than 10 years out -- maximizing returns while minimizing risk?

Raise your hand if you’re trying to save for something big in the next 10 years. A new car? Your wedding? The down payment on a home? More education? Most financial advice tells you to save for two –- maybe three — things: A rainy day (the cash you stash away in your emergency fund), […]

Motif Investing Review: Trade ‘Buckets’ Of Themed Stocks For $9.95

Motif is a new online broker that lets you trade buckets of up to 30 stocks with a shared theme for $9.95.

Motif is an alternative online broker that allows you to invest in buckets of up to 30 stocks for just $9.95 per trade. You can choose from pre-made motifs or create your own mini mutual fund of stocks you select. Motif allows beginning investors to diversify their portfolios for far less than paying trade commissions on individual stocks.

5 Mutual Funds to Get You Started

What is a mutual fund? This simple diagram explains what mutual funds do.

Let’s proceed carefully. Although I’ve done it once or twice before, I try to avoid recommending individual stocks or funds. Such “picks” are a dime a dozen on other blogs, in major financial magazines or on Jim Cramer’s TV shows. At best, investing in stocks and funds featured in the media won’t hurt you. The […]

Money Mentors: Teacher and Entrepreneur Tom Morris on Working Multiple Jobs, Taking Risks

M&D in Florida_09

David’s post “Why You Should Work Multiple Jobs,” really got me thinking. Much of the advice in that post sounded like lessons I’ve heard since I was little.