Q&A: Is it OK to tap my 401(k) to pay off Credit Card Debt?


When I wrote “The Recession Diaries” column at the Chicago Tribune and later for AOL.com, I loved responding to mail because questions raised by one reader often reflect the dilemmas of many.I recently received this letter from one reader, Nick from Michigan: “I have a question regarding credit card debt and I was hoping to […]

♥ & $: What Baggage do you Bring to Your Relationship with Money?

Whether you realize it or not, everyone brings financial baggage to a relationship. The better you are at talking about it, the happier your relationship will be.

Please join me in welcoming Lisen Stromberg to Money Under 30. Lisen is an accomplished journalist who will be writing a new biweekly series “♥ & $:” focusing on how young couples can better tackle financial issues together. Welcome, Lisen. -DW  My husband came home the other night and asked me if I’d heard it. […]

Big Medical Bills: How to Cope When You Can’t Afford to Pay the Docs

Doctor office.sxyblkmn.Flickr

Every year, I have thousands of interactions with readers, friends, and other bloggers about personal finance. Over the years, I think the thing that has scared me most is the potential for a major illness or injury to wipe out your finances. Think about it: One day you’re on your way to work, the next […]

Taxes and Unemployment; How to Avoid Surprises and Owe Less Tax


Did you know that unemployment benefits are subject to income tax? It comes as a surprise to many people. But don’t fret too much because there are also special tax breaks for the unemployed, such as job search deductions and the earned income credit.