Why We Both Went Back to Work After Having Kids

Earlier this year I wrote about the not-so-insignificant costs of having a baby, and several of you asked about the decision to go back to work or for one parent to stay home. For those fortunate enough to have this choice, choosing to return to … [Read more...]

Q&A: Is it OK to tap my 401(k) to pay off Credit Card Debt?

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♥ & $: What Baggage do you Bring to Your Relationship with Money?

Please join me in welcoming Lisen Stromberg to Money Under 30. Lisen is an accomplished journalist who will be writing a new biweekly series "♥ & $:" focusing on how young couples can better tackle financial issues together. Welcome, Lisen. - … [Read more...]

Big Medical Bills: How to Cope When You Can’t Afford to Pay the Docs

Every year, I have thousands of interactions with readers, friends, and other bloggers about personal finance. Over the years, I think the thing that has scared me most is the potential for a major illness or injury to wipe out your … [Read more...]

Taxes and Unemployment; How to Avoid Surprises and Owe Less Tax

There aren’t many – if any – perks of being unemployed. We all know that. But if you do lose your job, it may be possible to lean on the government for awhile and survive on unemployment compensation. These government-funded unemployment benef … [Read more...]