Some Reading for a New Year: How to Set Financial Goals and Stick to Them

The end of the year is a time of hope … we look forward to next year, often with the intentions of making it better than the last. It’s also a time of reflection, and for those in control of their finances (like all of us in the Money Under 30 com … [Read more...]

Say Auld Lang Syne to Five Misconceptions About Charitable Giving

A few weeks back, my Money Under 30 colleague (and Chicago homie) Maria LaMagna wrote How to Donate Your Money Sensibly about charitable giving during the holidays. To be sure, giving is still on a lot of people's minds, though the focus changes s … [Read more...]

The Best Financial iPhone Apps

Updated! Popular since we first published this list of some of the best financial iPhone apps in early 2009, we refresh this list periodically to help you keep tabs on at least a few of the best financial apps in the Appstore. -DW Personal … [Read more...]

♥ & $: Compulsive Shopping or Retail Therapy? When Enough is Enough

Five of us stood grumbling in a check out line the other day. Our arms were filled with clothing and books and knick knacks soon to be wrapped up and hidden under the Christmas tree. The woman in front of me complained about Christmas shopping. Or … [Read more...]

Car Dealer Secrets: How To Buy An Extended Car Warranty

In my last post I gave you some questions to ask before you say yes to an extended auto warranty. Today we’ll dive deeper and explore how much car warranties cost and, if you do buy, how to choose the best extended warranty for your needs. As a pr … [Read more...]

How to Serve the Ultimate Holiday Feast on an Intelligent Budget

More than presents, decorating, carols or any other festivity, my favorite part of the holiday season has always been gathering with family and friends over delicious food. Some of my best childhood memories are tied to sweet potato casserole, … [Read more...]

Can’t Afford that Trip? Think Again: Experts Reveal 10 Tips for Thrifty Travel

Winter begins in just a few weeks and with that change of season, folks across North America will get bitten by the travel bug--especially those from colder climes seeking relief from blizzards and wind chill. For those flyers, drivers and riders of … [Read more...]

How to Donate Your Money Sensibly

When finances are tight, it can be hard to designate some cash to give away. But even the Grinch-iest and Scrooge-iest among us can be moved to donate during the holiday season. In fact, the Tuesday after Black Friday was recently called “Giving T … [Read more...]

DIY or Buy? When It’s Cheaper to Make It Yourself or Buy Off The Shelf

Last year, the Better Business Bureau received 5,558 complaints regarding general contractors, placing the group in the top 30 out of all industries tracked, according to Money Talks News. No wonder home improvement stores are packed to the gills … [Read more...]

♥ & $: Get Gift Giving Right

The last time my husband surprised me with a gift was Christmas 2008. I had mentioned how much I loved the leather jacket a girlfriend was wearing and he got it in his head to buy me one just like it. He spent days searching stores, combed the … [Read more...]